2020 - 2021 SEASON

THESE SHINING LIVES by Melanie Marnich

Directed by Matt Prideaux

Based on a true story, this post-war 1920’s drama centers around newly employed Catherine Donahue and her coworkers at a watch factory. Thier new vision of freedom is shattered when the women begin to fall ill due to radioactive paint used for the watches. Their struggle to fix what is broken demonstrates the power and solidarity of the female spirit.


Fridays & Saturdays, Sept 6–28 at 8pm
Sunday Matinee, Sept 15 at 3pm

Auditions July 21 & 22 at 7pm

ENCHANTED APRIL by Matthew Barber

Directed by Joseph Moore

Feeling lost in the shadows of marriage and forgotten by society, two London housewives pool their savings to rent a villa in Italy for a ladies-only holiday away, reluctantly recruiting a pair of difficult upper-class women to share the cost. The women clash, bond and bloom until the men once again upset the balance. A charming and romantic comedy of manners.


Fridays & Saturdays, Oct 25–Nov 16 at 8pm

Matinee, Sunday Nov 3 at 3 pm

Auditions Sept 8 & 9 at 7pm


Directed by Steve Carpentier

A four-part comedy confection as only Neil Simon can write it! Four couples arrive, in turn, from London, Philadelphia, Chicago and New York and separately inhabit a Beverly Hills hotel suite, bringing along their problems, anxieties, and comical marital dilemmas. Neil Simon at his most humane, compassionate best.


Fridays & Saturdays, Dec 31, Jan 3–18, at 8pm
Sunday Matinees, Jan 5 & 12 at 3pm

Auditions Oct 27 & 28 at 7pm

SHIPWRECKED! by Donald Margulies

Directed by Scott McWhirter

With a bold imagination, Donald Margulies dares you to get whisked away in a story of the high seas, populated by exotic islanders, flying wombats, giant sea turtles and a monstrous man-eating octopus. Shipwrecked! examines how far we're willing to blur the line between fact and fiction in order to leave our mark on the world.


Fridays & Saturdays, Feb 21–March 14, at 8pm
Matinee, Sunday March 1 at 3pm


Auditions Jan 5 & 6 at 7pm

THE RAINMAKER by N. Richard Nash

Directed by Crys Hymel

Set in a drought-ridden rural town in the West, the play tells the story of a pivotal hot summer day in the life of spinsterish Lizzie Curry. Just as the Curry family is beginning to despair, Starbuck -- a self-proclaimed “Rainmaker” comes on the scene full of passion and dreams. Nash’s romantic comedy brings rural America to life in this heartfelt classic.        


Fridays & Saturdays, Apr 10–May 2 at 8pm
Sunday Matinee, Apr 19 at 3pm

Auditions Feb 23 & 24 at 7pm


Directed by Eric Dunlap

A progressive white couple's proud liberal sensibilities are put to the test when their daughter brings her black fiancé home to meet them in this fresh and relevant adaptation of the iconic film. Matt and Christina Drayton come to realize the difference between supporting a mixed-race couple in their newspaper and welcoming one into their family--especially in 1967. 


Fridays & Saturdays, May 29–June 20 at 8pm
Sunday Matinee, June 7 at 3pm

Auditions April 12 & 13 at 7pm 

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Tickets for the New Year's Eve performance include a buffet dinner, entertainment and dancing! The show is not covered by Season Tickets; however one may be exchanged for a discounted rate to the New Year's show.

The 15th Annual Reader's Theatre

Produced by
Brian Heaton and Scott McWhirter

Short original plays performed
as readers theatre.
(Not covered by Season Tickets)


One performance only

Sunday, Nov 17 at 3 pm

The 23rd Annual Festival of Originals (The FOO)

Produced by Mimi Holloway

(Not covered by Season Tickets)


Five Plays

Five Directors

Five Casts

One Fantastic Evening!


Fridays & Saturdays
July 24–Aug 8 at 8pm
Matinee, Sunday
Aug 2 at 3pm


Auditions June 7 & 8 at 7pm  

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