The Readers Theatre is May 1, 2022

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Submissions for the upcoming

Readers' Theatre Matinee

for May 1, 2022

are now closed. 

TSW Readers Cast 2022
Stage Directions: Brian Heaton

Cat On A Warm Cotton Bed 
By Fernando Segall - New York, NY. 
Maggie - Kathryn Noser 
Billy - Jonathan Moonen 
Dog - Marcus Sabom

Two Lonely People
By Steve Gold -  Monroe Township, NJ. 
Dr. Earnest Just - Dave Osbie Shepard 
Hedwig - Hilary Ritz

The Big Payoff
By Fernando Dovalina - Houston, TX. 
Beau - Sean Keith Thompson 
Belinda - Laura Coccimiglio

Another Day At The Office 
By Craig Bailey - Shelburne, VT.
Dade - Jonathan Moonen 
Peck - Lance Stodgehill

Socially Distant 
By Phil Darg 
Mark - Alonzo Prusmack 
Andrea - Renata Santoro Smith

Stage Directions: Hilary Ritz

Falling Rocks
By Kevin Broccoli 
Alex - Vicky McCormick
Corley - John Stevens
Mia - Brit Garcia
Ari - Lance Stodgehill

Hero Day
By Hugh Mackay - Jamaica, MA
Principal- Jim Walsh
Susan Sullivan - Laura Coccimiglio

An Hour's Worth
By Carl Williams - Houston, TX.
Dr. Rhinehart - Gasim Makkani 
Benjamin - Brian Heaton 
Marjorie - Kathryn Noser

A Father's Love
By Jose Torres - Vera Beach, FL.
Jackie - Brit Garcia
Bill - Jimmy Vollman
Mathew - Alonzo Prusmack
Doug - Marcus Sabom

Just Play It By Ear
By George Freek - Belvedere, IL.
Bruce - Jimmy Vollman
Jenny - Meaghan Golden Avocado
Jane - Renata Santoro Smith
Lionel - John Stevens

General guidelines are listed below and are subject to change... but you're welcome to prepare for the next one.


Approximately 8-12 selected plays will be read and voted on by the attending audience. One $100 prize will be awarded to the play voted on as audience favorite.


General guidelines:


  • Limit of two entries per playwright of an original work that has not been published or produced.

  • Monologues and one person plays are not accepted.

  • All genres are accepted (light comedies, heavy dramas, thrillers, mystery, sci-fi, satire) with no regard to language or subject matter).

  • All plays should be 5 to 10 minutes long, no exceptions. (If using standard play format a good gauge is 4-11 pages, excluding title page).

  • Plays should be conducive to Readers' Theatre with simple stage directions and a story expressed mostly through dialogue, not action.


Submission guidelines:


  • Scripts are accepted via U.S. mail or email. If using U.S. mail entry must be postmarked by Jan. 5, 2022. If emailed sent by 11:59 p.m. on the same date (1/5/22). Scripts will not be returned.

  • Scripts should have a title page that includes the play title and playwright's contact information, as well as a list of characters and a brief synopsis of the play. Script pages should be numbered.

  • ALL mailed in scripts should be stapled in the upper left-hand corner.


  • Playwrights selected will be informed prior to the event.


Mail entries to:


Theatre Southwest

8944 Clarkcrest

Houston, TX 77063



Or Email to: 



Please use: TSW-RTM in the subject line of email entry.