A Coupla Chicks Sitting Around Talking

By John Ford Noonan
Directed by Justin Holloway

Maude Mix is a pretty, strait-laced, and uptight Westchester housewife whose husband is currently in Mexico on a periodic extramarital jaunt with his secretary. From the moment her new next-door neighbor, Hannah Mae Bindler, bursts into Maude's perfectly ordered kitchen, her super-programmed day is thrown into comical chaos. Hannah Mae is a flamboyant Texas ex-cheerleader, whose oversexed and earthy outlook on life mixes with Maude's demeanor like oil and water. And she is determined to make friends- much to Maude's amazed distaste.


At first, Hannah Mae's attempt to ingratiate herself with the private, no-nonsense Maude is a frantic, funny failure. But soon, crises in both their marriages bring them together. Under the onslaught of the bubbly, life-embracing Hannah Mae, Maude's defensive facade crumbles. The growth of their friendship and love is engrossing, touching, and always uproariously hilarious. 



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