The Little Hut

Three excessively sophisticated and elegant English people are shipwrecked on a desert island. Philip and Susan are married, and Henry is the family friend, who, it turns out, has been something more than that to Susan for the past few years. They never wanted to hurt Philip, and their chief concern has always been for his happiness. But Henry, seeing Philip monopolize Susan on the island, isn’t rather unhappy; he tells Philip about the old arrangement and after a great deal of discussion it’s decided that Philip and Henry will share Susan on the island, as they did in the past. This arrangement continues more or less happily until an island native arrives and shows considerable interest in Susan. From then on things become quite involved until a ship appears on the horizon to rescue them all.


All ethnicities are encouraged to audition for TSW productions.

Age ranges are approximate.


3 men

1 woman

Ages: 20s-40s*

*all ages considered


Auditions: January 10 & 11

Auditions are by appointment only.


Call us at 713-661-9505 or email us at to schedule your audition.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Please bring a résumé, headshot and your completed audition form (download below). Actors are encouraged to attend both nights of auditions.

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