The Wisdom of Eve
by Mary Orr
Directed by: Sam Martinez

Audition Dates:

Sunday & Monday - July 18th & 19th    7:00pm 

When aging Broadway star Margo Crane allows Eve, a young fan, access to her dressing room, she is easily bamboozled by Eve’s show of adoration and loyalty. Little does Margo know about Eve’s master plan to become a theatre star herself at any cost.


Told from the point of view of Margo’s best friend Karen, The  Wisdom of Eve is a tale of ambition, betrayal and deceit. Beware – there is always someone waiting in the wings.


The Wisdom of Eve is based on a short story by Mary Orr and is the basis for the award-winning Broadway musical Applause and the Bette Davis film All About Eve.



Character Breakdown


Female Roles (5):


MARGOT CRANE (45+) - Famous star of the stage; a self-assured ‘diva’. Now a little older than she would like, but hanging on to her youth by still playing the younger roles.


KAREN ROBERTS (40+) - Margot’s best friend and former actress. Peace maker and very down to earth. Very supportive of her husband.

EVE HARRINGTON (20’s) - Appears to be humble and innocent until she has the upper hand. Attractive, ambitious and determined to get her own way, whatever the cost.


VERA FRANKLIN (20’s) – A young actress.


LEILA (35+) - Margot’s maid; fiercely loyal to Margot.


Male Roles (5):


CLEMENT HOWELL (50-65) - Margot’s husband. Sophisticated and wealthy with a strong personality. Tolerant of Margot but a little weary of her toddler-like behavior.


LLOYD ROBERTS (50-65)- Karen’s husband. A playwright who writes vehicles for Margot. Good looking albeit insecure and vulnerable.


HARVEY (20-60s)* – A sycophantic stage manager.


“TALLY-HO” THOMPSON (20-60s)* – A sly newspaper columnist always out for a scoop.


BERT HINKLE (30+) – Smooth, well-fed theatrical agent. Margo is his best client.


*Role may be played by a male or female actor; dual roles are being considered. All ages and ethnicities will be considered.

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