Season Tickets for 2021-2022

Season 65 at Theatre Southwest 


The 65th Season at Theatre Southwest

is coming up quick, and we look forward

to enjoying it with all of you.

We're filling a BIG request with this upcoming season. We will now offer TWO Sunday matinees instead of only one.

We've also made the Season Tickets available ONLINE!

(Can you tell we're excited to be able to do this?)

But wait... there's more!

Prices remain the same as they were in the 2020 - 2021 season. Tickets for individual shows are $20 for regular and $18 for seniors and students

Season prices are $89 for a regular season ticket

and  $77 for students and seniors.

All season packets still include a wild card, which means you have one free ticket to bring a friend to a show of your choosing.

Season tickets allow you to choose the date you want attend for each show.  Reservations are necessary, and can be made via telephone or the website.

Dates of the included shows are:

1.)  Wisdom of Eve 

Sept 10-25, 2021

2.)The Lonesome West

Oct 29 - Nov 13, 2021

3.) The Sunshine Boys 

January 7 - 22, 2021

4.) Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 

Feb 25 - Mar 12, 2022

5.) Stop Kiss 

April 15 - May 1, 2022

6.) The Legend of Georgia McBride

June 3-18, 2022

*New Year's Eve Gala tickets are normally $55 per ticket.

The cost for season ticket holders is $43.

Your safety is our priority.

We invite you to check out some of our Health and Safety protocols.